Fontanot Stairs Online in the UK and The US

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When Italian staircase designer, Fontanot, decided to branch out of Italy and introduce the world beyond to their renowned spiral staircases, they planned to share their passion for technical expertise and innovation that comes with the label of ‘Made in Italy.’ What they didn’t expect was a complete revolution in home remodelling.

With their newest branch launched in the States, Fontanot US has been enjoying great success and garnering attention for their spiral staircase kits. With the introduction of these staircase kits, the US market is beginning to see a change in customer mentality. Fontanot’s DIY staircases are demystifying the product category of stairs as a once thought to be contract job. Fontanot has been disproving this theory, showing its customers that there is a great deal of versatility and flexibility in choosing a DIY staircase. It’s something you can order online in just a few minutes and assemble on a Saturday afternoon with the help of a friend. In fact, choosing the perfect staircase to add the finishing touches to a home remodelling project is as easy as these five steps:

  1. Choosing interior or exterior
  2. Measurement of top level finish floor to bottom level finish floor
  3. Total space available
  4. Wooden or metal treads
  5. Color

Americans are enjoying the Fontanot staircase kits, realizing staircase design is much simpler than what they’ve grown accustomed to. With Fontanot’s user-friendly online staircase planner, customizing the ideal staircase for all your home needs means just a few simple clicks of the mouse to choose shape, color and finish. The stairs ship directly from the Fontanot US warehouse and arrive at your doorstep in just seven business days. No lengthy project, no Saturday afternoons wasted waiting for the professionals, and no extra money spent on a contractor.

Just across the pond, the staircase company is spreading its popularity throughout English homes as well with the newly launched Fontanot UK branch. UK customers are springing for Fontanot’s famous spiral staircases especially for its merge of two big selling points: functionality and elegance. Though Fontanot has incorporated a great deal of ease into its designs due to their DIY nature, UK customers are indulging in Fontanot’s trademark brand of practical stairs that are also modern and trendy.

Keeping the diverse needs of its market in mind, Fontanot has also launched several innovative designs to pertain to the tastes and requirements of every home decorator. An extensively customizable line of space-saving stairs has become a big hit for city dwellers looking to furnish a small loft without robbing too much precious space. Highly innovative designs to maximize space have been created in the Fontanot Lab by top-notch designers in the biz.

Another increasing trend that Fontanot has picked up on and run with is sustainable furniture. A look through their stairs online, you’ll find the increasingly popular line of staircases, Techne, is the first spiral staircase in the world to be made with Technopolymer, a material that is 100% recyclable as well as durable and versatile.

Fontanot’s designs abroad have translated into sensible and stylish. And with a ‘Made in Italy’ mark, both the US and UK markets have put their confidence in Italian manufacturers. And why wouldn’t they? Fontanot demonstrates a long-standing tradition of high quality and original design that continues to flourish worldwide.

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